OVERVIEW \ single-residence Secluded retreat STARTING AT $270

Through their famous perfumes and renowned Residences throughout the Yucatan (and soon Bora Bora), Francesca Bonato and Nico Maleville have succeeded in creating and sharing a lifestyle of understated luxury, one that is not about designer labels or material wealth. To them, it is the ability to connect to nature, to appreciate the feeling of sand under your feet, being able to hear the birds in the morning, smell the natural fragrances in the air, or being able to see a star-studded sky. The residence in Valladolid is no exception. Built in the 16th century, the one-room retreat sits atop the flagship perfumery in the beautiful colonial town of Valladolid, a few blocks away from the main Cathedral. With views of the tropical garden, the elevated terrace has a private plunge pool and lounge area, pleasantly cooled by the fragrant breezes. The room is spacious, yet intimate, with simple decor and impressive furnishings. Nestled in the back garden is the luxurious spa, a true haven to enjoy massages and scrubs where they use natural, local ingredients and in-house fragrances. As with all their Residences, it is possible for one to describe, but it will never truly capture the essence. That must be experienced. 


The journey first begins upon entering the 1920's perfumery with long tables of elegant glass bottles, the wafts of exotic scents entice you as you continue on through the connected rooms, first perfume, then chocolate, teas and honey. Your senses now alive, you enter the courtyard and follow the stone steps leading to an oversized veranda that houses lush ferns, a cool fresh-water dip pool and a lounge area encircled by the tropical jungle canopy of palm trees and frangipanis. Past a breakfast nook, you step through over-sized double doors into a large white-washed room of tiled floors and stone walls, the impressive ceilings lined with exposed wooden beams and a crystal chandelier. Stately, dark furniture fills the space just enough, highlighting the tall king-size bed and clawfoot bathtub surrounded by large mirrors. The decor is minimal, yet refined with just the right amount of opulence. The feel is undeniably Coqui Coqui, that which exudes style with attention to the most important details, yet showcases its unique personality of the colonial Mexican city in which it resides.


As with all Coqui Coqui hotels, you are given a bag of goodies upon arrival, which includes bath oils to make your bathing extra luxurious. The room also has a separate bathroom that, like the room, has an almost old school French feel.

If sunshine is what you crave, lounge on the second private patio and enjoy a sunchair large enough for two!

The hotel’s utterly charming Cafe de los Frailes serves wonderful pastries and coffees, and for more significant meals the Coqui Coqui chef will prepare these for you in the courtyard or cafe.

This is definitely THE place to take advantage of a spa. Surrounded by lush jungle, the large spacious veranda has chaises and a private freshwater pool, all yours to enjoy in your post-massage bliss. Revel in the signature handmade oils, creams, candles and fragrances, all of which will pamper you during your extraordinary experience using many of the fresh ingredients grown right there in the hotels lush gardens.


Plunge pool, spa, cafe, wifi, perfumery, gardens, optional breakfast, Coqui Coqui gift bag


Calle 41/A N. 207a, Col. Sisal, Valladolid, CP 97780, Yucatan, Mexico

A few blocks away from the charming and full of life main Cathedral and walking distance form the silent and secluded Convent of San Bernardino de Siena.

Cancún International Airport (CUN) is 1 1/2 hr drive away. Manuel Crescencio Rejón in Mérida, with more limited flights, is also 90 miles away.


Rates from $270.

Rooms are double-occupancy only.


Ideal for couples that appreciate something a bit more unique and exclusive.

With the stairs both inside and out, it isn't easily navigable for those with mobility issues.


Tours to Chichen Itza, Ek Balam, Tulum and other nearby Mayan sites

Trips to local Cenotes for a swim, including Cenote Zaci in the centre of town.

See the lovely town of Valladolid by bike!


Visit their website for more information.