"It's not about luxury, it's about experience. To me, that is heavily influenced by the space itself and the people who created it, and ultimately, how it makes you feel."

I research extensively when I am planning a trip, determined to find those special places wherever in the world I may be heading. Admittedly, sometimes the best ones are those you simply stumble upon in your wanderings, but not having the luxury of time anymore means that I now have to be much more efficient of when and where I travel (read: less time to wander and stumble). I am drawn to those spaces of simplicity and understated elegance. More often than not it leads me to a boutique hotel or a private residence... ones created with the understanding of the effect a well-designed space has on the psychological well-being of the occupant.

Wabi Sabi is the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. It is beauty of things modest and humble. It is beauty of things unconventional.
— Leonard Koren

The intention of this site is to create a collection of spaces based on thoughtful design and authenticity for the traveler that appreciates the value in simplicity. Not all these places are exclusive or expensive, in fact many of my favorite places are not. But they are all memorable. This website is about sharing special hideaways around the world and hoping you will love them as much as we did.

- Melissa Daly, Founder

Melissa Daly. Founder. Photographer. Wanderer.

A professional photographer for 12 years and a professional traveler since the age of 3. Mama, wife, foodie, travel junkie. Seeks spaces that move her, people that inspire her, and experiences that change her. You can usually find her in a desert, by the ocean, or planning her next trip. She is based out of Vancouver and Los Angeles.

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Jocelyn Mandryk. Photographer. Creative. Adventurous-at-heart.

Jocelyn has worked in the creative industry for the past 9 years cultivating her passions for design, photography, and good wine. She is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and splits the remainder of her time between Europe and her home in Canada. She's the co-founder/director of an innovative photography experience company called Foto Ruta with locations in South America and Europe. Though much of her time is consumed by business, she's genuinely an artist at heart.

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Clemmy Manzo. Travel Writer.

Having grown up in Brazil, Italy, Indonesia and the UK, Clemmy has developed a life-long habit of continent-hopping. After a 5-year stint working as Editor of Time Out Buenos Aires, she is now a freelance travel writer based in Barcelona, Spain, where she spends her days researching the hippest hotspots around the world. Publications Clemmy has written for include The Rough Guides, Olive magazine, Condé Nast Traveller, Sunday Times Travel, Luxury Travel Magazine, Mr & Mrs Smith and many more.


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Christie Graham. Photographer. PNW enthusiast.

A professional commercial and wedding photographer, Christie is frequently boarding a flight to her next gig. With recent travels to Iceland, Australia, Mexico, Germany and Ireland, her favourite trips often take place in her backyard in British Columbia, Canada. You can find her camping, hiking and surfing in her down time, fulfilling her mantra to adventure always.

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Jarusha Brown. Photographer. Adventurer. Lover of mountains and forests.
Began her photography business in 2005 after graduating with a BFA from ACAD in Calgary. Daughter of a pilot, she’s had the travel bug since birth and shows no signs of stopping. Is a founding member of the Downtown Eastside Women’s Portraits in Vancouver, an event offering portraits to low income and homeless women in the city. Adores exploring new places, meeting new people and seeing where her camera will take her next. Can be found eating ginger and dreaming about her next trip.

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Kim & Nash Finley. Travel Addicts. Food Junkies. Photographers.

These adventure seeking, story telling Nomads have been living on the road for the last 3 years. They believe that traveling is the only expense that makes them richer, and value the experience and memories of a journey more than any possession. They seek to inspire people through their passion to capture moments and share each of these special instants with the world. Right now they are most likely busy chasing beautiful travel gems.

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Sarah Ellefson. Photographer. Globe Trotter.  Ice Cream Aficionado.

A professional lifestyle photographer, Sarah is working her way around the world with her husband in an effort to satiate her wanderlust. Splitting her time between California and New Mexico, Sarah’s work has been featured in Condé Nast Traveller, Samantha Brown, and People Magazine Online.

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Katie Cook. Blogger. Contributor. Mexican Food Enthusiast.

Living on four different continents, and stepping foot in over forty countries, Katie has comfortably made the world her home. She has worked for over 8 years in the international non-profit field of holistic development, and has a passion for exploring new cultures and meeting new friends!  She currently resides in her native California with her husband.

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Kate Matthews. Contributor. Writer. Artist.

Kate took her first vacation at 6 weeks old. This was in a basket, carried by her parents, to Hawaii. Her passion for the world's food, wine, history, art, architecture and design is best described as a life-long romance. Her latest project is developing a business of nature-inspired, high-end decor, catering to hotels, restaurants and private residences.


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