NEST \ Tulum \ Mexico

This enchanting boutique hotel is superbly located on the infamous white sand beach of Tulum. Reflective of its natural surroundings with a design mantra of natural simplicity, the tranquil hotel feels more like a guesthouse with its welcoming feel and laid-back vibe. Although NEST is newer on the Tulum scene, the high attention to detail, incredible service and chic style that fits seamlessly with the inherent rustic, bohemian vibe of Tulum, has quickly made it one of the favorites among those in the know. Whether it's hanging out in one of the minimally decorated rooms, eating a tasty meal from the beachfront restaurant, or relaxing in one of the beautifully decorated stylish nooks or beach beds, this stunning hotel is the ultimate beachfront haven to enjoy Tulum.

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* photos by contributor Christie Graham

Meson De Malleville \ Valladolid \ Mexico

This beautiful 16th century house is located right across from the historical Convent of San Bernardino de Siena in the colorful colonial town of Valladolid. The former home of Coqui Coqui founders, Nicolas Malleville and Francesca Bonato, Mesón de Malleville lovingly opens its doors to guests in the spirit of warmth and family. The couple renovated this beautiful colonial house yet maintained the original moorish tile floors, walls and high ceilings with wooden beams from the 1600’s. Here, Malleville and Bonato raised their two children and received friends and family from all over the world. It has been a well-lived house always full of joy and love. With this mind, the couple decided it was time for their home to be open to the public and thus Mesón de Malleville was born.

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*Images by Christie Graham

Coqui Coqui Coba \ Mexico

If you are familiar with the Coqui Coqui Residences, Boutiques and Perfumeries, then you already know that that everything this stylish couple creates is with an intention of sharing something special, more specifically, a lifestyle of understated luxury. To them, it is the ability to connect to nature, to appreciate the feeling of sand under your feet, being able to hear the birds in the morning, smell the natural fragrances in the air, or being able to see a star-studded sky. Their Coba Residence is no exception. Located in the heart of the dense Yucatan jungle on the shore of a tranquil lagoon sits a 4 room retreat with rough-hewn limestone exteriors that blend perfectly into the natural setting. An astute stone staircase runs up the front of each of the two towers, resembling the ancient design of the nearby Mayan temples. Creating an even more majestic feel is a vine-covered rope bridge and 2 turquoise plunge pools. A beach-side location has the crashing waves, but this remote retreat has the sounds of the jungle to lull you into a relaxed state like no other. It is the ultimate jungle hideaway equipped with all the understated luxuries that you require for your perfect getaway.

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*Images via Melissa Gidney Daly

Villa La Semilla \ Tulum \ Mexico

Tucked behind layers of lush palms on a pristine beach in Soliman Bay, Villa La Semilla invites guests into a world of secluded indulgence amid a stunning natural setting. This private five-bedroom villa boasts a rooftop pool and panoramic observation deck, a tropical garden with a fountain and pond, lounge and veranda with an infinity pool that unfolds onto a private beach. The villa, bright and airy with light interiors and simple, well-made furnishings, features a common cooking, dining and living space that is perfect for long, convivial evenings with family and friends—often centered around the outdoor wood-fire oven and grill. An in-house chef is also on-hand to ensure that guests can sample an array of Mexican dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. Some of the design elements such as the vintage furniture and handmade mosaic tile fused with organic elements of wood and concrete resemble its stylish sister property, Hotel La Semilla, in Playa Del Carmen. However, unique to this villa is the large open floor plan that extends through living and dining spaces to the sprawling terrace and infinity pool all the way to the crystal blue waters of Soliman Bay. It must be experienced to truly be appreciated.

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Coqui Coqui Valladolid \ Mexico

Through their famous perfumes and renowned Residences throughout the Yucatan (and soon Bora Bora), Francesca Bonato and Nico Maleville have succeeded in creating and sharing a lifestyle of understated luxury, one that is not about designer labels or material wealth. To them, it is the ability to connect to nature, to appreciate the feeling of sand under your feet, being able to hear the birds in the morning, smell the natural fragrances in the air, or being able to see a star-studded sky. The residence in Valladolid is no exception. Built in the 16th century, the one-room retreat sits atop the flagship perfumery in the beautiful colonial town of Valladolid, a few blocks away from the main Cathedral. With views of the tropical garden, the elevated terrace has a private plunge pool and lounge area, pleasantly cooled by the fragrant breezes. The room is spacious, yet intimate, with simple decor and impressive furnishings. Nestled in the back garden is the luxurious spa, a true haven to enjoy massages and scrubs where they use natural, local ingredients and in-house fragrances. As with all their Residences, it is possible for one to describe, but it will never truly capture the essence. That must be experienced. 

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*Images and review by @melissagidneyphoto

Hotel La Semilla \ Playa Del Carmen \ Mexico

La Semilla. The seed. Something that you nurture and love. Something that is within all of us, the power to cultivate the extraordinary. That is exactly what the lovely owners, Alexis and Angie, have done with this special space. Instead of developing the property into a large hotel, they kept it at 9 rooms and left a lush garden area for guests to relax and observe the quietness that surrounds. They encourage the slow approach, to reconnect with the earth, each other and yourself. The rest of the property follows suit and is the perfect mix of a simple, refined design, and laid-back atmosphere. Paying homage to the local culture, they embraced a design reflective of Mexican heritage fused with organic forms; sourcing vintage furniture from Mexican haciendas and handmade mosaic tiles, paired with locally sourced stone and polished concrete. This elegant mix of mis-matched furniture, art, and antiques combined with earthly elements is inspired by the Rough Lux movement, that which embraces the imperfection created by the wear and tear of time. Together, these elements create a quality of timelessness and calmness, of authenticity and warmth.

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*images courtesy of Melissa Gidney Daly

Design Feature \ Condesa DF

Tucked between historic facades on a tree-lined road in Mexico City's stylish Condesa neighborhood, the hotel fuses the spirit of its bohemian surroundings with a playfully simple design aesthetic. Housed in a 1928 building, the CONDESA df is filled from head to toe with custom furniture designed by Parisian designer India Mahdavi, stone tiles, and an abundance of local color. The 40 rooms and suites were inspired by the tranquility of monastic bedrooms—but without a lack of amenities, of course. The result is calming, airy spaces, some of which open onto wooden terraces, while, an overarching floral theme—visible on everything from cushion covers to chopstick wrappers—serves to enhance the relaxed, warm-weather vibe.