Hotel La Semilla \ Playa Del Carmen \ Mexico

La Semilla. The seed. Something that you nurture and love. Something that is within all of us, the power to cultivate the extraordinary. That is exactly what the lovely owners, Alexis and Angie, have done with this special space. Instead of developing the property into a large hotel, they kept it at 9 rooms and left a lush garden area for guests to relax and observe the quietness that surrounds. They encourage the slow approach, to reconnect with the earth, each other and yourself. The rest of the property follows suit and is the perfect mix of a simple, refined design, and laid-back atmosphere. Paying homage to the local culture, they embraced a design reflective of Mexican heritage fused with organic forms; sourcing vintage furniture from Mexican haciendas and handmade mosaic tiles, paired with locally sourced stone and polished concrete. This elegant mix of mis-matched furniture, art, and antiques combined with earthly elements is inspired by the Rough Lux movement, that which embraces the imperfection created by the wear and tear of time. Together, these elements create a quality of timelessness and calmness, of authenticity and warmth.

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*images courtesy of Melissa Gidney Daly