It started out...

This project began many years ago when I began photographing my favorite hideaways when I traveled around the world. I wanted to share them with others, so I started this website about a year ago. Getting nominated for 'Best Travel Blog' is so very humbling... and so exciting in that it now has become bigger than myself. It is connecting travelers that appreciate design and unique experiences with special properties around the world, and it's so very gratifying to bring people together in this way. I've grown so much through this project, having met so many fantastic people along the way, hosts around the world, other travelers, contributors and writers that are drawn to the project. Each property I stayed at has changed me in some way. It has opened my heart through the connection to others that share their world so gratuitously, it has opened my mind through the incredible design spaces and interesting cultures, and it lifts my spirit when experiencing other people living their dreams. So to me, this is already a win. I'm so excited to see this project grow and connect people with special spaces with the intention of changing them in some way, too.
If you have a moment, please visit the Bloglovin' site to vote and perhaps this little project will grow some larger wings!